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Two obnoxious /cgl/ tripfags, Nia and Shippou broke up and this happened. Nia had previous drama with her lolita group and /cgl/ so she has the type of personality that attracts drama (ofc she's innocent and it's all just racism!!). She also ran a social justice warrior PoC tumblr shadesoflolita.tumblr.com but her psycho beta ex hacked it (funny because she'd constantly brag about her "2,000 followers/army" on /cgl/). Don't know if I should post this in the /cgl/ board or here.

So, any more funny drama about these two?
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>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 11:08am No.19605
This. Either Shippou is just a 'bystander' like the rest of us who keeps his distance and follows the ruuruus, or he's in the middle of it all and needs to stop posting here. Didn't he learn anything from K? Just because you used to be close to the lolcow does not mean you get the special privilege to harass them or their family. If you want to continue fucking with her life, do it somewhere else.
>> X Anonymous ## Admin Sat 2014-04-19 12:20pm No.19608
You aren't, Shippou is banned now.

I would've done it when he posted about contacting her mom but I was AFK for like 24 hours
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 7:47am No.19641
ohhh wow ahaha. this thread got out of control.
nia's cam profile is private now, I'm kind of sad I missed out on the exposé.
I wonder if that means those messages got through...

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Fedora/Autism/MRA general.
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>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 4:56am No.19635
The reason why many fedoras want a change in scenery is because they believe that they'll magically become more popular or more successful in another state or country. It's that whole mentality that it's not their fault that they're unpopular milquetoasts; it's everyone else's fault. It's just like pt believing that she would become an idoru in Japan
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 5:32am No.19637
I wouldn't know about the South. I've never been farther south than Missouri, and that's just a buncha burbs that have cropped up along the highway. The worst people you'll meet there are the 20-umpthings that try to be yuppies but fail miserably.

I think that must be it; it's PT idoru syndrome. A lot of people like to romanticize the citylife, but idolizing it is just going to lead to disappointment.
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 7:10am No.19640
A conservative, fanfic-writing brony on Okcupid.

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Since the other thread is too long now.

Is Star finally having realizations now?
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>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 6:07pm No.19615
Someone should introduce to her the cesspool that is deviantArt. I'm sure her art will get the attention it deserves there.
>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 7:14pm No.19618
Oh god please someone do this.

Everyone beats around the bush when it comes to giving critic on there.
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 6:20am No.19639
>I got to sit in the branches of a cherry blossom at the park ^_^
>I got to sit in the branches

How in the fuck? That poor branch. Maybe she meant under it?

She really can't make anything that involves creativity. She has the art skill of a 2 year old. I've seen more beautiful pictures of snails.


It's not even criticism, it's nothing but asspats. I've seen better concrit and art advice in the Dobson thread on EDF(of all fucking places).

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These days I'm wondering if Yukapon ever look back at her cute loli imouto idol days and miss it? She's now waitress at Buffalo Wings from what I saw but she used to be so big and succesful, after the Akira drama she began to slowly fade away. And when Pinku Project stopped because ,well,graduation, she totally disappeared. And I don't know why do I regret those days myself
Ah and look at YUKAPONTRUTH if you don't know about the drama.
I actually think Akira isn't an angel either but Yukapon clearly has a problem.

((Silly out topic but I also regret the Myspace/Gaia days sometimes...I don't know why i regret it, I don't even like Myspace or Gaia AT ALL and I don't even like Yukapon or whatever...I don't know why do I feel this way. Sorry for my awful english I hope I expressed myself well))
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>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 10:56pm No.19624
wait, did she openly admitted on PULL that Tally did drugs /once/ or am I just a bad reader?
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 12:42am No.19627
Rather that she does drugs but that it wasn't her who got her into them.
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 6:03am No.19638
That woman's pretty sad, openly admitting she's a grown ass woman whose best friend is a, in her words, "child/teenager". She said Talli's ten years younger than her. She's even going as far as to say she's gonna shell out (at least) $500 on a lawyer... because people on the internet are talking shit on her BFF.I wonder why she's even more butthurt than Talli even is about all of this?

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>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 3:05am No.19631
I think the socks are what ruin it for me...
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 4:15am No.19634
I never liked it when she does that stupid, pigeon-toed thing she does with her feet.
>> X Anonymous Sun 2014-04-20 5:23am No.19636
PT was much better at coordinating in her earlier years. This and all of her lolita outfits recently have been absolutely awful.

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I remeber there was drama about Inuashley. I just don't remeber details. Only that she got horseface and she's not nice. Is there more?

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militant sjws are a dime a dozen but this one just sticks out to me. everything this person says makes me want to vomit.
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>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 5:06am No.19594
I just realized Throh changes the source of everything she reblogs to her own blog. What a cunt.
>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 9:40am No.19603
I managed to fuck with throh telling her to shut the fuck up about racism because she's white. kinda hilarious but some anon went in a ruined it by arguing against her logic.

dammit guys i was trying to see how far she'd bend basically being told she's 'stupid' because she's white.
>> X Anonymous Sat 2014-04-19 12:50pm No.19609

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