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 [View thread 19719 Charlotte Charms X Anonymous Tue 2014-04-22 4:08pm No.19719
So like, what the hell happened?
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>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 9:50pm No.19806

This angle is actually very flattering for her. The way she's looking she doesn't look like her rib cage is bigger than her chest, which is what I see in every other picture.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 10:43pm No.19807
Cosmetology isn't that bad... it's only shit when the person acts like they're god's gift and does a pretty bad job. I'm taking cosmetology but don't act like a know it all. I just think doing hair would be a fun job.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 11:59pm No.19808
Haha, oh wow.

 [View thread 16443 Starprincess801 v2.0 X Anonymous Mon 2014-02-17 4:31pm No.16443
Since the other thread is too long now.

Is Star finally having realizations now?
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>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 7:21pm No.19799

Because she just had to have more reason to hate her mother instead of figuring out how to get to her school on her own.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 7:30pm No.19800

Star isn't a kid. She's 21, going on 22. She could get a driver's license and drive herself to school. Why the hell doesn't she?

I also wonder why she couldn't bike/walk to school in an emergency case like this one. Unless it's 30+ miles away or something, walking for an hour or two isn't going to fucking kill you if you're young and physically able.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 9:24pm No.19803
Star's friends are about as brilliant as she is

No wonder he hangs out with her.

 [View thread 19149 X Anonymous Fri 2014-04-11 12:52pm No.19149

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>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 4:20pm No.19792
It confuses people. Someone took her dA name already and posted some fat!Tifa porn.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 6:15pm No.19795
I'd rather her have the name than someone else taking it, that way maaaybe she will tweet.
If someone else grabs the name she's just gonna go full "chris chan stress" mode and shut out even more.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 6:58pm No.19797

 [View thread 18077 Dakooter thread X Anonymous Wed 2014-03-19 4:15pm No.18077
C-Can I make a Dakota thread? I just want to discuss her freely. They are so sensitive and ass kissey on PULL
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>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 9:42am No.19750

This shit reminds me of Kiki so much
>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 6:16pm No.19753
>those socks with those sandals
honey no
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 8:28am No.19783
Oh, they took down the link. Here is the new one:

 [View thread 17241 X Yuka pon Mon 2014-03-03 4:02pm No.17241
These days I'm wondering if Yukapon ever look back at her cute loli imouto idol days and miss it? She's now waitress at Buffalo Wings from what I saw but she used to be so big and succesful, after the Akira drama she began to slowly fade away. And when Pinku Project stopped because ,well,graduation, she totally disappeared. And I don't know why do I regret those days myself
Ah and look at YUKAPONTRUTH if you don't know about the drama.
I actually think Akira isn't an angel either but Yukapon clearly has a problem.

((Silly out topic but I also regret the Myspace/Gaia days sometimes...I don't know why i regret it, I don't even like Myspace or Gaia AT ALL and I don't even like Yukapon or whatever...I don't know why do I feel this way. Sorry for my awful english I hope I expressed myself well))
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>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 3:39pm No.19751
We were talking about Yuka's 30+ BFF, not herself.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 12:10am No.19760
How old is Yuka if she's dating people younger than her? I thought she was 23? The age gap isn't that great if the other person is 18. It would probably be an immature relationship but I'm sure she likes that so she can stay forever kawaii.
>> X Anonymous Thu 2014-04-24 9:00am No.19784
>>19760 see >>19751

 [View thread 19077 Momouto X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-09 4:09pm No.19077
I'm not sure if she counts as a lolcow, but she does have a lot of drama surrounding her. From what I've heard, she got kicked out of Oishii! for being too "inappropriate" (aka playing up the lolicon/"oniichan~~" thing too much), tried to commit suicide, then got banned off tumblr for posting underage nudes.

Anyone know what's going on with her? She had millions of urls so I don't know where she's at now.
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>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 5:41am No.19745
She wants somebody to take care of her financially. You're typically not going to find that in someone under 25.
>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 5:55am No.19747
So even though she's rich as fuck already, she wants a sugar daddy? What the fuck.
>> X Anonymous Wed 2014-04-23 3:50pm No.19752
She wants to keep living a pampered life style.

 [View thread 1822 Sniper Nyan X Anonymous Mon 2013-06-24 6:51am No.1822
I tried to make a thread on /cgl/ too, but does anyone else remember Sniper Nyan or want to know what she's doing now???
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>> X Anonymous Tue 2014-04-22 4:22am No.19716
>She is a programmer, and somehow she can wear her ridiculous outfits to work.
Looking at how horrible her outfits are, I'm thinking she's probably exaggerating what she's wearing to her work place. She can easily be wearing toned down versions of her outfits, but I doubt she's wearing stuff like
>>19714>>19715 in the office and being taken seriously.
>> X Anonymous Tue 2014-04-22 7:18am No.19717
God shes such a bore.
>> X Anonymous Tue 2014-04-22 3:52pm No.19718
Just looked through her weheartit and my god, she wanted to be Tiffany Mays/starpowerrr so badly and didn't even try to hide it, she even took all her photos in identical poses to her. Weren't they friends at one point, to the extent that they even hung out once? If I were Tiffany I would of been too afraid that she'd try to skin me and then wear it.

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